Photography Gear for Sale in Ottawa

Very sadly, I am selling almost all of my professional camera gear including an extensive set of the best Sony full-frame gear including the Sony A9II (barely used), 2 x Sony A7RIVs (used but in great condition), Sony 400 GM, 135 GM, and a lot more.

Due to the pandemic, I have had to abandon all my photography activities to focus on other necessary business and personal things. In fact all the gear has been unused since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s a very sad situation but a good opportunity for others to pick up some top-flight gear at great prices.

A few general notes:

  • I am located in Ottawa, Canada and will only sell in person. You must come and inspect the gear and we need to meet in person. I’m a genuine and professional operator in all respects and I only wish to deal with other genuine people. I want you to be 100% happy with anything you buy from me. Unfortunately because there are a lot of dishonest people out there, I may have to verify your identity with at least a phone call discussion before we meet. If we know each other or have a mutual friend, that will help. I’m sure you will want to know who you are buying from just as I want to know who I’m selling to.
  • I will accept cash or completed electronic money transfers such as Interac e-mail transfer.
  • All gear has been well cared for and is generally in very good to excellent condition. It’s all been sitting unused since the pretty much the beginning of the pandemic and you can assume a lot of the cameras and lenses were purchased close to the date they were released to the market but I can get the original dates or purchase if it matters to you. All the Sony gear was maintained (e.g. cleanings) under their professional program. Some bodies like the A7RIVs do have typical wear on the body while other bodies like the A9II have barely been used (that particular one was upgraded from the A9 and then the pandemic hit so it was barely ever used in the field).

Current listing of available gear is located in this spreadsheet.

You can view some of the photos I’ve taken with this gear at my photography site. Check out the links on the left underĀ GEAR TESTS.

For bags and cases, I have two good videos showing the features of some of these bags and cases and how I used them. Check out this first video and this second video.

For serious inquiries, contact me by email or Facebook Messenger through this page. Once we establish contact I am also on SMS and pretty much every other messenger service.