Why I lead a life of creativity at scale


I love challenges: I thrive on creating and delivering unique, compelling, and impactful works for others; taking on big challenges; and navigating through chaos. Hearing that something is impossible or has never been done before only inspires me and motivates me to give it a go. 

Lifelong learning: I love to learn new things and I believe there are learning opportunities every day and in every facet of life and the world around us. I’m very much self-directed in my learning although I do leverage many specific experts that I seek out to help me accelerate my growth in particular areas. I’ve shown in the diversity of my own initiatives how one can combine foundational skills of creativity, problem-solving, collaborating, and getting shit done, with domain or discipline-specific skills and knowledge, to become quickly impactful in any field.

Helping others: I love solving problems and helping others. Whether it’s bringing joy to people through music or photography, developing software or utilizing tech to enable people to navigate uncertain times, or sharing knowledge and skills, helping other people is something I always find profoundly satisfying.