Adrian Cho – Advanced Ohyay Creator

  • ohyay is an amazing experience design platform for creating engaging and immersive online experiences.
  • I have extensive experience with the ohyay platform and am available for hire to work on projects for clients that want to build an environment in ohyay.


  • Over 35 years experience in tech as a software developer and leader doing everything from hacking code to managing teams and projects with hundreds of peopleĀ (long-winded bio).
  • Over 25 years experience in the arts as a professional musician, bandleader, event producer, photographer, videographer, and broadcaster.
  • I am the founder and developer of the platform for professional artists and music teachers and have extensive experience with livestreaming and real-time audio and video across the Internet.


  • I am an advanced ohyay creator and am well-versed in most aspects of ohyay including using the backend and frontend APIs to go beyond what most creators can do in the ohyay editor alone.
  • I am constantly immersed in ohyay. In a typical week I am building in ohyay, writing code to use the ohyay APIs, and running at least one complex event (live music concert) involving remote performers and audience, livestreams, and an ohyay space with thirty or more rooms.
  • I care a lot about usability as many of the things I build are for people with low digital literacy.
  • Bonus: I run a huge network of compute and content servers and a robust event ticketing platform and can use these, if necessary, for delivering enhanced experiences that leverage ohyay.

Examples of my work

  • Syncspace Teach is a commercial service for music teachers that is built on the ohyay platform. It makes extensive use of the ohyay frontend API and uses the backend API to manage deployment of spaces at scale. You can try out the service for free.
  • I can provide examples of client work.

Why you should hire me

  • I work very quickly and efficiently and am able to deliver things within compressed schedules (I love a challenge!) – in my last-full time job I was the Director of Getting Shit Done at Shopify (yes seriously).
  • I have a broad range of skills and am able to go deep on a lot of things while also maintaining perspectives as a creator, user, and event producer.
  • I love to help people to be self-sufficient. I don’t like creating unnecessary dependencies on me so I’ll do what you need plus, where possible, I’ll show you how to maintain it yourself. I love to teach and have extensive experience as a teacher. I am very active in the ohyay community, helping other creators.


  • My rates vary from USD 50 to USD 150/hour depending on the complexity of the work, expertise required, and the urgency of delivery.
  • I do NOT charge for time spent learning something I am not already versed in. You only pay for time spent on actual work.
  • I charge lower rates (50% discount) for time where I am either on-call or mostly in the background and helping to run an event.
  • I also charge lower rates for larger projects (50 of more hours of work).

How to connect with me

  • You can book a time to chat with me virtually face-to-face. Of course we’ll meet in an ohyay space!